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Evening drink of the Ito family


"The Ito family's evening drink" is Toshihiko Ito and Rin Ito,

Arrange your favorite movies and works for two people,

Two-person recitation play delivered with live piano music.

Different from mere recitation, watch, listen, imagine,

A hands-on reading show that you can feel with your five senses.

Basically, we are making works at a pace of once a year in independent performances,

We also accept business trip performances.

Please feel free to contact us.

・It is possible to perform in a small space.
・Even if you don't have a piano, you can bring it in and play.
・Performance time can be adjusted. (Basically 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes)


"Premonition of Lovers"
(Original title: When Harry Met Sally...)
American movie released in 1989. Harry and Sally had the worst impression when they first met. "A man and a woman can never be true friends."Harry says he meets Sally again at various times. What will happen to the two of them over the course of 11 years? A human comedy depicting love and friendship between a man and a woman with cynical lines and humor.

(Original title: Always)
American movie released in 1989. Wildfire firefighter Pete, whose reckless flight leaves everyone irritated, tries to help his colleague Al, who has trouble with his plane while fighting a wildfire on an off-duty day. , explodes to death. Pete, who left his lover Dorinda and went to heaven, met an angel named Hap, returned to the world at her command, and gave advice to pilot training school student Ted as a guardian spirit. However, Ted begins to fall in love with Dorinda, a former lover, and Pete suffers.
A romantic love story that stirs the imagination, unique to reading aloud.

"A story to read to you"
(Original title: The Notebook)
American movie released in 2004. Duke, who lives in a nursing home with an old woman who has dementia and cannot remember her past, reads to her the story of Ally and Noah written in a notebook. What is the truth depicted there? A love story that will move your heart.

"Virgin Flight"
(Original title: The Theory of Flight)
British movie released in 1998. Richard, an unsuccessful painter with a desire to fly, is ordered to do social service activities and meets Jane, a girl in a wheelchair who suffers from an intractable disease. With little time left to live, Jane asked Richard to help her lose her virginity. The bond between the two who eventually strengthens while colliding with each other. Whereabouts of the two "maiden flight"? A moving movement that pursues the brilliance of life and dreams.

(original: musical)
Pierre, a puppet maker who can't make udatsu, is struck by lightning one day. What appeared there were the dolls led by Sophie, the mechanical doll of the clock tower. Through the feelings of the dolls he made, Pierre's journey of self-discovery begins. Can Pierre regain his confidence? A romantic comedy with a musical taste based on the popular musical by Toshiaki Takemoto of Musical Theater.

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